Programs available through the Truro office:

  • Circles of Support is a case management model that connects the supports throughout the community for folks navigating probation and a view to exiting the legal system. This will give folks an opportunity to create a helpful web of supports before they cease their involvement with the department of justice and more formalized systems.
  • The Healthy Relationships program was developed by the Elizabeth Fry Society staff to give women the opportunity to explore and evaluate their relationships with others. The program introduces various realistic tools and skills that will enable women to develop the healthy relationships that will potentially improve the quality of their personal relationships and the lives of those around them. These tools include self-awareness, warning signs, effective communications, fighting fair and negotiation.
  • The Stop-Lifting Program addresses behaviours associated with shoplifting, theft and fraud. The program provides women with the opportunity to examine the deep-rooted emotions and unresolved issues that may contribute to these behaviours and explores alternative ways to deal with these issues and emotions in healthier, more constructive ways.
  • Beyond Trauma/Healing Trauma is an evidence-based program from Hazeldon publishing, developed by Dr. Stephanie Covington to look at the process of trauma, and the beginnings of healing. With evidence showing an overwhelming number of folks who are incarcerated have survived trauma, and are often newly traumatized or re-traumatised in the events of the criminalization process, this program connects folks in a safe space, with a focus on strategies for coping, grounding and soothing.
  • Refuel Fitness – Partnership with ElevateHER and RECC. Weekly discussions around overall wellness, stress management, identifying resources, and more. Eight-week program which also includes one session a week at RECC fitness facility.
  • Comfort Caddies – Partnership with ElevateHER and Rising Youth, basket of anxiety and stress reducing items (stress balls, coloring pages, etc) given to local organizations for clients and staff to utilize. One-time launch event, then ongoing use as needed within organizations.
  • Coffee Connection is a peer-led discussion based support group for those recovering from addictions and preventing relapse. Meets bi-weekly, drop-in.
  • Healthy Relationships Workshop for Youth – Abbreviated Healthy Relationships workshop for youth in Junior High to build communication skills, and identify healthy vs unhealthy relationships. One-time workshop.
  • Understanding Anger Workshop – Workshop to identify strategies to addressing anger and improve communication. One-time workshop.
  • Abundance is a comprehensive, supportive initiative that provides participants with the information and tools needed to build confidence to prepare for the next steps in their employment and educational journeys. The Abundance Program is designed to meet the needs of marginalized and vulnerable individuals as they move towards economic well-being. The program provides 14 modules. Seven sessions focus on personal development and seven on pre-employment skill development.
  • Abundance Workshops – A variety of workshops offered to both those participating in the Abundance Program, and those who are not. Topics vary depending on time of year offered, and available guest speakers. Examples include: Getting Grounded & Journaling, Healthy Relationships, DIY & Social Enterprise, and Volunteer Career Fair. Offered alongside Abundance Program, five (5) times per Abundance program.
  • Community Connection – Weekly drop-in of refreshments, crafts or other activities, and pro-social discussions. Enables persons to become familiar with us and other community members as well as developing positive hobbies and self-esteem.
  • Parole Accompaniment Training – For those interested in volunteering their time for Parole Accompaniment, this is an introduction to the process of parole and what is expected of Parole Accompaniment.
  • Peer Support Training – One-day training session covering all aspects of peer support work for those with lived experience of criminalization and/or incarceration about interested in learning more about how best to support others as they navigate the hurdles of re-entry, recovery, and reintegration.

For more information on these programs, contact 902 897 0852 or