The Elizabeth Fry society of Mainland Nova Scotia works with hundreds of women each year either in the Halifax Regional Municipality who are either in conflict, or at risk of being in conflict with the Criminal Justice System.  We believe that EVERY woman has value no matter where she’s been, no matter what she’s done; SHE IS VALUABLE! All of the women we serve are someone’s daughter, sister and/or mother, or grandmother.

E Fry Mainland NS is a charitable non-profit organization which has three main components:

  • Holly House which provides safe supportive affordable housing.
  • Housing Support Program assisting women obtain and maintain their housing,
  • and the Federal and Provincial Prison Outreach and Community based supports and referrals program.

Together these three components help women help themselves as it is their journey and their opportunity to experience success, which contributes to their self-worth, value, abilities and sense of belonging.

The women of Elizabeth Fry Society are the inspiration to the programs and services of the organization. The personal value that the women obtain through their engagement with the Elizabeth Fry Society is spread throughout the organization, their families and the community.   This is the spirit of caring sisters contributing to the health, well-being and self-worth of others.

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia is located at 1 Tulip Street in Dartmouth and we are proud to be apart of this generous and diverse community.  We can also be seen at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility a few days per week and the NOVA Institute for women in Truro.  We often attend court and are in the community working with our amazing partners, networks, sponsors and donars contributing to a community that is safe and equitable for all women.